“As I awoke this morning, hearing the birds chirping – there was a melody, a musical note, a cry, a symphony – somewhere in the musical sounds, there was also a note of fear, some scare and then I noticed a cat prowling around and the birds were fearful. This fear was creating a dissonance so, I reflect that as humans we should spend time every day in seclusion and remain in a meditative space of complete silence, so that in this zone we can look into the collective consciousness of fear, collaborative association (like the birds warning each other, even in their morning ritual) and observing the silence – the seclusion of the body (the cat) and the silence of the tongue (the cat silently just walking through) are both necessary for the spiritual adventive of the soul and of course necessary for the self and helpful for the body.”

– Extracts from Renooji’s Private Journals.

Active between 2015 to 2020, Writing of the Day was a wonderful category where Renooji shared insights from her personal diaries, clairvoyant readings, and meditations.

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