“I often wake up in the morning and question – am I the same person? As I swim, as I go to the gym every day, eat all the right things, try to figure it out on my own and still see the physical transformation, and as I meditate I get guided by the karmic records, knowledge, plans, tools needed so that the effort I put in, gives me maximum results – so as to weed out the negative karma and assimilate the positive opportunities and maximise the inner self to create a huge new reservoir of energy for the day. But when I look at others around me, I see that unfortunately many people/ healers are not working on their fitness or nutrition, but are lazy even about the self healing and global healing and also about all other key things (mind/ work/ relationships) in their life. They often think that they are doing the right thing, but get frustrated because they do not see the results that they were hoping for or they see others getting – I often question what is the difference between people who heal daily and those who have experienced healing magic but will still be in the loop of waiting for things to happen without any effort from their side – what is this difference? It comes down to small nuances – the energy of the heart for self love that when we learn to heal we are loving ourselves, and knowing this completely.”

– Extracts from Renooji’s Private Journals.

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